Ayushman Bilas Thakur

Full Stack Web developer, Cybersecurity enthusiast

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Who am I?

MS in computer science student at Arizona State University (Tentative Graduation - Spring 2024). Efficient with technologies like React.js, Typescript, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and other web related technologies.

One of my out-of-the trade skills is teaching, which I have had chance of doing in two seperate occassions as an Instructor and also as a grader at ASU

During my Masters, Cybersecurity and Operating System, especially Linux Kernel programming has been something I think interesting! Also as a part of my curriculam I have done some basic Capture The Flags.

Web Design is something I have keen interest in, although I don't think myself as a professional in this but year by year my skills have grown in it.

Things I love doing

What technologies am I familiar with?

Node.js + Express
MySQL and MongoDB

My Web Development experiences

Full Stack Web Dev Intern

Mind Webs

Worked on various front end and back end projects for clients as well as experimental products, also interviewed potential candiates for front end developer position

Full Stack Web Dev Intern

Kesowa ventures

Built backend with express and frontend with vue.js for a non-exsisting admin page to upload map related tiff images and marker data collected by drones

Front End Web Dev Intern


Made vue.js based login page & integrated it with firebase

My Other experiences


Arizona State University

Wroked as a grader in Arizona State University for the Advanced Operating Systems Course in Spring 2023, under professor Adil Ahmad. Helped with assignment and exam grading as well as doubt clearing for students regarding assignments


Introduction Computer Center

Taught students of different age groups basics of programming using C, Java, Python and other programming languages

Content Writer


Gathered intel and reported about latest news in tech

My Projects

Pomodoro Timer

A pomodoro timer inspired by a beautiful design and still functional

The OTP Game

A react based simple browser game where you have to enter the OTP shown within time to get the high score

Expense Tracker

An expense tracker made with Vanilla HTML CSS and Javascript, explains my skills with the fundamental HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Has an youtube video explaining my design and development procedure

Odd n Even

A minmal game, made using just HTML,CSS and JavaScript. With challenges like swipe to add score, storing high score on localstorag, keeping socres this was a really challenging project

Useful Sites

A MERN Stack based application where people can share a common list of useful URLs. [The backend is currently offline due to heroku taken down, working to get it back up]

Resturant App

Built with neDB, express and vue.js this is a prototype of a restutant menu being dynamically fetched from backend and price shown in frontend. p.s.: The backend takes some time to load so please be patient in the site