Ayushman Bilas Thakur

Fullstack Web developer, coding instructor, youtuber. Cybersecurity enthusiast

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Who am I?

Final year undergraduate student of Kalyani Government Engineering College. I have a keen interest in fullstack web development. I am familiar with technologies like Vue.js, Node.js and Express.

In my free time I try to learn more about computers. I love to teach people about coding. That is why I have an youtube channel named - webbing my life.

As a web developer I also have interest in creating simple designs. I might not be a professional UI-UX developer, but I can design some simple webpages

Websites can not just exsist in the cloud, they need to be immune to different attacks from hackers. That is how I have interest in learning how to make secure softwares, hence Cybersecurity is also in my list of things I am interested in.

I am interested in

What technologies am I familiar with?

Node.js + Express

My experience


Introduction Computer Center

As an instructor I teach students C, Java and Python

Fullstack web developer

Kesowa ventures

As a fullstack web developer at kesowa I built backend with express and frontend with vue.js

Frontend web developer


As a frontend web developer at Dressworm I was in charge of making vue.js based website & integrating firebase

Frontend web developer

Adben Industries Pvt. Ltd.

As a frontend web developer I integrated django backend to frontend design

My Projects

Yet Another Habit Tracker

A web application and an android app where you can keep a track of your habits

Expense Tracker

A simple expense tracker made with Vanilla HTML CSS and Javascript

Experimental Portfolio

An experimental take on a portfolio webpage

Pomodoro Timer

A pomodoro timer inspired by this design

Useful Sites

Useful sites is a MERN Stack based application where people can share a common list of useful URLs.

Resturant App

Built with neDB, express and vue.js this is a prototype of a restutant menu being dynamically fetched from backend and price shown in frontend. p.s.: The backend takes some time to load so please be patient in the site